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Where's Walter Cosniak when you need him ;)

The folowing are the games that support 3D Now! in their games.  They aren't just taking a neutral stance saying its good technology, they're out their pimping to get their games to use 3D Now! to its best.

Game                                                                                                                  Developer

Duke Nukem Fourever 3D Realms
Incoming Rage Software
Daiktana 2 Ion Storm
Quake 2 (via Special 3Dfx Voodoo 2 patch) id software
Messiah Shiny
Tresspasser Dreamworks
Wheel of Time Legend
Microsoft's Baseball 3D Micrsoft
Deus Ex Ion Storm
Klingon Honor Guard Micropose
X-Com Allicance Micropose
Oddworld Oddworld
Golgotha CrackdotCom
Ares Rising Imagine Studios
Plane Crazy Inner Workings
Team Apache Simis
Xenocracy Simis
MIA Simis
Unreal Epic Megagames

Did I forget a game? Let me know.