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id Software
id software's home site is nice to look at and with some cool Java scripts but you're best sticking with the links below for news.

Blue's News
Blue's News is constantly updated with news on every thing Quake or related to Quake, even Unreal now a days. This is definitely one of, if not the, best Quake related sites out there.

Planet Quake
Planet Quake is one of the coolest sites on Quake 2. They host dozens of Quake 2 sites, they have a new site design which kicks, and they have a MOD of the week each week which a nice feature which helps sort out the great MODs from the bad.  If you're new to Quake 2 go here to get updated on what you've been mising.

Redwood's 3D News
Redwood's 3D News is a great place for Quake and related news. If something's going on in the id world you'll see it on Redwood's. Its also the best site to check the .plan updates on those crazy guys in Mesquite, Texas.

Telefragged is host to some cool sites as well, including VWEP, the patch for Quake 2 to allow you to see what gun other people are holding.